Dark Seasons

December 20, 2011
By Kitkatie101 BRONZE, Bellevue, Washington
Kitkatie101 BRONZE, Bellevue, Washington
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chills migrate into the air like birds on a wing.
haunting decorations foreshadow
the impending darkness.
jackets and scarves
find their way out of bedroom closets
to be donned each morning, a futile protection.

the promise of Good Food and times with Family
pulls us through this dreary time.
Birthday Cake, Turkey, Pumpkin Pie, Hot Cocoa,
their Warmth heats our chilly Souls,
a superficial band-aid on a chronic wound.

Lights and Stockings
Trees and Beautiful Music
never fail to Touch the Heart,
a much-needed dose of Love.
for some the Promise of Emmanuel,
for others the Promise of Legos and Dolls,
bring the reminder that
(though far-off)
Hope is approaching.

suddenly the Lights are gone.
calendars are full once more.
influenza greets us as would do a formidable foe.
Sunlight is with us for mere moments
in a twenty-four hour day.

a month of Love, we are constantly reminded,
by Candy and Cards
Celebrating Friendships and Romance
with Bright Colors and Smiles.
a Promise
in a time of groundhog’s doom.

the bravest Flowers peak their heads out.
though briefly,
we see the Light again.
Smells and Sounds
of which we have been long deprived
Greet us once more
to bring the Message that
Spring is coming

The author's comments:
Living in a very dark part of the country, I often find that the winter months are very difficult, given the lack of sunlight. I wrote this poem to express my seasonal feelings of both gloom and hope, hoping that it would inspire myself and others as a reminder that Spring and Summer are coming.

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