Midnight Black

December 19, 2011
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Midnight black is…
Laying in the dark, wondering the ways of the world that we live in and as you lay there, you the dead calm sound of crickets chirping in the background… chirp, chirp, chirp… in the far off distance with the immense feeling of a calm solitude.
Midnight black is…
Lost in the forest at the peak of darkness with nothing but the dim stars to guide you, its silent and nothing can be heard over the sound of your poor heart beating faster and faster until your fears over come you and you break down admitting your final defeat to the woods that is far bigger then you.
Midnight black is…
Being pulled to the bottom of the deep ocean, knowing that you will never see the light of day ever again, as you fight and try to reach the surface exhaustion pulls you deeper and you get pulled further down until you meet your watery grave.
Midnight black is…
Opening a new bar of chocolate smelling the sweet aroma of the dark chocolate substance breathing it in slowly and calmly, nothing could ever ruin your serenity nothing except for the solemn sound of reality creeping back up on you to devour your life once more.

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