January 16, 2012
Maybe you are
If you believe those lies;
Those blatantly obvious
You think I love you?
How could I love you?
I know the real you,
The one you don’t let
Hardly anyone see.
But if you let me see,
Then you must trust me.
Your mistake.
I’m here to shed light
On the current situation
Of your petty games.
I thought you said,
You were taught not to trust.
So you think you’re worthless?
You are.
I know what you’re thinking,
“How could you,
After everything we’ve been through?”
Don’t you know me
At all?
You never believed me.
You never listened.
It’s so good to know
How well my words
Have been received.
And you think nobody
Will ever love you?
You’re right.
As much as you resent
My actions,
I’d think you should know
You brought them upon yourself.
You hold onto your pride
Like it’s the air that gives you life.
Let go,
Or that air,
Will soon be gone,
And you’ll be left
To suffocate
On your loneliness.
But don’t say I
Didn’t warn you.
Don’t say I
Didn’t try.
Don’t say I
Didn’t love you.
And don’t say I
Wasn’t there for you.
I couldn’t begin to count
How many times you said,
“You just weren’t paying attention.”
Well I was always there for you.
Maybe this
Will make you pay attention.

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