Sneek a Peek

December 2, 2011
Before the sun bounces off the snow and into the house

We emerge from the soft baby blue bed,

Open the squeaky door,

Trying not to wake our grizzly bears asleep in the room across the hall.

The house is silent with the early morning

As we tip toe down the curved stairs,

We see the cookies with big bites taken out,

The milk from the green cup has vanished.

We turn the corner to see what we have to look forward to.

Our sparkly red stockings so full they aren’t even hanging anymore,

Gigantic presents wrapped in penguins

The small presents in snowmen.

Our beaty little eyes glossed over with awe.

The upstairs toilet flushes

Awe flips to terror as we lock eyes

Speed our way up the creaky stairs

Everything seems louder than it did on the way down

Although we are doing it the same.

Close the loud door,

Climbed back into the sea of bedding,

Close our eyes and try to control our breathing

Pretend to be asleep, until mom walks in

To wish us a merry Christmas.

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