Christmas Lights

December 2, 2011
By wareagle47 BRONZE, Orange Beach, Alabama
wareagle47 BRONZE, Orange Beach, Alabama
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Frosted window panes, candles gleaming inside
Painted candy canes on a tree
Hands clasped tight, frosty pink cheeks.
The moon is ablaze, lighting our path.
Our feet dance through the reflection on
a lucent puddle.
Ripples quickly engulf, but a split instant;
The flash of a twisted familiar face, who
watches quizzically, Hurt.
My mind is held gunpoint by memory. Past and future are but a blur.
A habitual nightmare;
the shine of the moon, blonde locks fluorescent.
We were twined together, joined lips forgot
How the shadows fall when day is done,
And when Love is not.
I am a murderer, though I was the victim.
I am a thief, though I was the one stolen from.
I am the one who crushed the sun in my palm,
though I am the one left in the dark;
If you committed these then why am I on trial?
What right do you have to look at me, now.
What have you crept and slithered
into my mind?
A warm hand gently pulls me back to reality;
A mischievous smile, a dazzle of sparkling teeth and frosty breath.
Our pace slows, the smell of cinnamon and gingerbread tickles my nose.
We round a corner; And there A tree illuminated with thousands of fireflies; dazzling.
I look down at her; A new face, a bright angel. I muse: Maybe things could be different this time; Who says daydreams cant come true?
Just this once.

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