The Army Wife's Tale

December 2, 2011
By Emily34 BRONZE, Water;pp, New York
Emily34 BRONZE, Water;pp, New York
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This tale is about tragedy and sorrow
How one women’s life would turn her hollow.
On our way to the cemetery
Let me tell you her tale which makes me weary.
On the Wednesday of October the 8th
She got a call which told her of her husband’s fate.
Soon she learned of her greatest fear come true,
She would never again see her husband Drew.
From out of the sky
Her husband had died.
The Army wife visited her husband everyday at his grave,
For his soul she could not save.

The Tale:
Her tale begins as a wife on September the 8th
Almost 25 years ago to the date.
She moved with her husband to an army base
Where her life flew by at a steady pace.
She had a teaching degree,
But decided to stay home and have a family.
More than anything they loved each other,
For both there was no other.
They had two children
And from then on they couldn’t help but grin.
Their life together was amazing
Although those memories now began to be hazing.
Her life as an army wife was always full of wonder,
Now knowing if or when her life could plunder.
She never thought she would have to say goodbye,
And every day she couldn’t help but to break down and cry.
As of what to do next she was unsure,
For an army wife she was no more.
Her friends all sympathized,
For they could all realize, what she was going through.
She always held his picture close to her chest,
And from then on her friends saw her less and less.
Every day she grew more and more distant,
Her grief pulled her in and she was never resistant.
She missed her son’s every baseball game,
Because her sorrow is something she never overcame.
She was a mother who was very involved
But now her problems she would never solve.
Her husband was loved by his family dearly
He was a good husband and father and loved them all sincerely.
And although he died,
He died with pride.
When he died he took with his a piece of his wife
And her heart would never belong to another throughout her whole life.
She never could get over her husband’s death
Even as she drew her last breath.

And so the story of the army wife,
A tale of a changed life.
This woman you see is part of my family
She is my mother actually.
Your grandmother’s tale is short and sad.
In an instant the war took my dad.
I feel so bad for my mother
She was in such a slumber.
My father was noble, and I know what he’d say.
He would say to be exact
I never knew this is how you would react.
I know for you this is hard
And forever you will be scared.
But that I am setting down my uniform,
And setting aside my gun.
I am in a better place
And go at a different pace.
I am my love, now at peace,
Where I can listen to angels sing Amazing Grace.
And this is why my son, I don’t regret
Not even a little, not even a fret.
That although my mother’s grief will never change,
The story’s end still remains.
For when I was younger I had told her,
That I too would become a soldier.
Not my dear son let this tale teach you that I love you more than anything
And right now my heart is aching.
Son if anything happens to me
Never forget to take care of yourself and our family.
So, let the lesson be do not let tragedy take over as grief
For the army wife let her loss take everything like a thief.
Please, son don’t be sad anymore
For we have to prepare ourselves as I set out or war.

The author's comments:
Poetry is something i normally do not write however i truly enjoyed writing this and i liked the message is gives.

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