December 2, 2011
By DaGrandCheezy BRONZE, Boise, Idaho
DaGrandCheezy BRONZE, Boise, Idaho
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My best friend is the willow tree
Swaying in the breeze
Singing me to sleep

My best friend is the river wide
Caressing each and every stone
Grasping at my feet

My best friend is the cloud above
Traveling across the darkening sky
Always changing shape

My best friend is the moon so bright
Smiling into the darkness
Lighting my way home

I wish I was
The willow tree
The river wide
The cloud above
The moon so bright
Anything but who I am today

I am trapped inside a world of beige
With nothing but a non-existent hope for change
So I wish for another way to live
A simple wish for freedom

But the tree is unmoving on the same lonely hill
With the very Earth for a cage

The river is forever rushing along the same contours of Earth
With its very nature for a cage

The cloud must follow the currents of air
With the very wind for a cage

The moon travels in along the same path every night
With the very sky for a cage

And so perhaps
Being trapped
By the walls of society
Is not so bad
For nothing but the want to conform
Cages my nature

I am trapped by nothing

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