Paul Revere's Ride

December 19, 2011
By chelseafungaroli BRONZE, Melbourne, Florida
chelseafungaroli BRONZE, Melbourne, Florida
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1775 America and Britain were at war.
The British had a ship near the American shore.
The sailing vessel with its mast and sails,
Using the darkness to cloak under its veil.

A man waits, with his horse by his side
Watching a church tower for a light up inside.
Yonder he gazed at two gleaming lights,
“The British are coming! I must ride all night!
To warn the townsfolk of the impending plight.”

Paul Revere climbed upon his noble horse,
Threw the thickets he rode with no remorse.
Screaming and yelling the red coats are here,
to warn the townsfolk the British were near.

The last of his ride was endful indeed,
Caught and defeated his friends he did need.
Although it seems mildly archaic,
Paul Revere’s ride is very heroic.

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