My Trip to the Zoo

December 19, 2011
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I woke up this morning and to my surprise
My mom had tickets to the Brevard Zoo right before my eyes
I got dressed as quick as I could
This is going to be such a fun day, I just knew it would
I wanted my mom to drive super-fast
It seems like so much time has already passed
We walked into the zoo
I could already tell that there were oh so many things to do
The first animals I could see
Were the bright pink flamingos standing right in front of me
The zoo is kind of like a maze
I felt we would be lost for days
When I got to my favorite animal, a monkey
I learned that they can smell kind of funky
We took a break to ride the train
But the ride was cut short due to the pouring rain
My mom felt bad so she bought me Dip N’ Dots
They reminded me of rainbow cheetah spots
My day at the zoo was almost done
And I must admit it was really fun
Today was such a day well spent
I am really glad that I went
My immense love for animals grew
All from the day that I spent at the zoo

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