Those Beyond Us

December 2, 2011
By twilk8 BRONZE, Chase City, Virginia
twilk8 BRONZE, Chase City, Virginia
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As I stare up at the midnight stars,
An absence of city lights and passing cars,
I see a world with no limits…no bars,
And wonder if there really is life on mars,
Then suddenly…I see a small green light,
It can’t be a jet…or an airplane in flight,
Could it be an outsider in the middle of the night?
It comes closer, then gone…out of sight,
Are there really others beyond the sky?
Ones that aren’t visible to the naked eye,
Can they live underwater…or can they fly?
Will we ever discover before we all die?
They could be watching us as we speak,
Listening every second…every day…every week,
Do you wonder at Roswell what was flown?
Do you wonder at Area 51 what is known?
Are you afraid that we are not alone?
Are you a coward or courageous when it comes to the unknown?

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