A Difference

December 19, 2011
You call yourself a Christian,
but you call girls sluts and hoes.
You tell them you really love them, so you can rip away their clothes.
Now let me say here,
I'm not a saint either.
I played this game too,
back when I used to be a liar.
Lately I've changed,
and cleaned up my act.
Because between me and Jesus,
we have a concrete pact.
From the depths of my heart,
to the blood in my veins.
I'll say this of my past,
I am truly ashamed.
But that's over now,
it's all said and done.
To the path of Jesus I face,
is a direction I will run.
He took all my sin,
my guilt and my pain.
So I could live pure,
and not live in vain.
Cause when I was broken,
and falling apart.
Jesus caught me and said,
"I want your heart".

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