Never Hurt Me Again

December 19, 2011
By ChristineCecilia GOLD, St. Charles, Missouri
ChristineCecilia GOLD, St. Charles, Missouri
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I remember when I said I liked you
And you said you felt the same way too
I was scared of getting hurt again
But you were sorry for the jerk you were back then
I forgave the scar you put on my heart
And I decided to give us a brand new start
You looked in my eyes like never before
It was as if you saw something more
You held me so very close to your heart
I thought we'd never be apart
Every time we kissed I melted in your arms
I felt safe from any kind of harm
I thought it would last awhile
Everyday starting with a smile
Then a few lies were spread
And suddenly everything was dead
I lost you
And I think I lost me too
Nothing seems to matter at all
Just dropping everything and letting it fall
You said you'd never hurt me again
But your the same guy you were back then

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