December 19, 2011
It only took a week
Before the earth became bleak
As the horizon was bleached by the intense heat

And the sirens let out their tones
Warning of the blasts that shattered bone
And our homes were wrecked by the end that was our own.

It could've been prevented
If that bomb was not invented
But the glory of war was only pretended

Now the earth is getting cold
And no one will grow old
We know because are fates have been foretold

By the toxic air within the clouds
and the lethal dust upon the ground
our salvation has not yet been found and it'll be too late when that comes around.

It's been said that throughout all time,
The human race was only a blink of an eye.

But now it looks like the whole world is blind

It can't be said that it wasn't before
With all the death and all the war
But now at least we can be sure.

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