December 19, 2011
Sitting by the dam
The wind whispers around me like a childs secret
Smell of smoke rising.
Fire that has been put out by a getle soul.
Ashes of leaves float in the wind.
I think of it as a memory
Our love once burned.
Brighter than any fire.
Then all those years ago it was put out.
By your gentle soul.
I see an ember in the corner.
Surounded by ashes of burnt leaves.
A place so beautiful.
A haven for fallen leaves.
Burnt by hatred
A car pulls up.
In it there you sit.
I pertend not to notice
Gently casting rocks into the river.
I turn.
You smile.
We walk and laugh and talk.
As we leave I turn to glance at the lone ember.
It's still there
Burnign brighter that before and no longer alone

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