Nerds Are Not Pretty

January 12, 2012
By coryy BRONZE, Prospect Heights, Illinois
coryy BRONZE, Prospect Heights, Illinois
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Nerds are not pretty
We don’t like parties
We don’t use makeup
We don’t break rules

It’s school and school
And school some more
We bring up class averages
We bring down reputations
When we dress cute they talk and stare
Who is that girl sitting over there?

Braces, glasses, and A’s all around
Vocabulary so expansive someone could drown
You use us in projects and discard us on weekends
You need homework help and ignore us at dances

But we do play sports (two a year in fact)
My braces are gone and I wear contacts
See this on my eyes? It’s called mascara.
Who cares if I wear my hair up?

Yes we like boys
We’re not always awkward
Maybe I break rules, but I don’t get caught
We can be funny, maybe sarcastic too
But it’s all in good nature
Try it. I dare you.

Your mouths fly like cars set in fifth gear
Yes you-in-the-back, I know what that means
Your lies fly even faster
I don’t know why that is
How can you say something you know is not true?

So cheerleaders are pretty
And choir girls too
But nerds are not pretty
Is being smart a taboo?

The author's comments:
I'm a nerdy girl who gets straight A's and does her homework. The stereotype that smart people are ugly drives me crazy, so this is me trying to make a point about beauty. Laugh. I did.

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