Here we go again

January 12, 2012
By Anonymous

No more sadness
No more distress
It is time to shed this skin
And evolve into a new person
Allow the miseries of the past
To fall from my shoulders
Shift the weight of the world onto another set of shoulders
The time has come for a metamorphosis
Of epic proportions
An opportunity has made itself known
To free myself of the shackles that have bound me
To a single wall for oh so long
There are no guarantees
With the sweetest of serenity's that awaits me
At the end of this road
But really who cares
It is a chance to experience life again
Only a mad man would turn down this kinda gift
Willingly chose to remain bound
When release from his slavery is within reach
The cuffs are off
And the chains boom against the ground
As a serene feeling cascades over my entire being
A true sense of happiness
Nay, sense of peace
Pressing against every inch of me
Only one thing left to say
Here we go again
Down another road
Leading to new wonder

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