Yeah, That's Just Me

January 10, 2012
I look at myself in the mirror,

And I’m starting to realize who I truly am:

Kind to everyone who needs a smile

An imagination that never sleeps,

Determination at its peak,

Yeah, that’s me.

I look at myself in the mirror,

And I see happiness,

I see success,

I see a friendly disposition,

I see a girl who refuses to give up,

I see a girl who doesn’t want to grow up,

I see a girl who learned how to forgive,

I see a girl who prays for happiness and good health for all,

Each and every day,

I see a girl who prays for their friends,

And the prayers are always answered.

I see a girl who is hopelessly confused,

But even more insecure,

Yeah, that’s just me.

I put on a smile,

For all the world to see,

For better or for worse,

My heart breaks when I

See a sad face in my presence,

For then I feel sad and depressed, too.

No one really knows, except me,

How much good a simple smile can do.

Yeah, that’s just me.

So now I ask myself:

Who am I really?

But, the answer is quite simple:

I am everyone’s smile,

And my heart breaks when a friend is having a bad day.

I only achieve success,

By pure willpower and determination…

Passion for my writing is what motivates me…

To be me.

Yeah, that’s just me.

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so_joy said...
Nov. 15, 2012 at 7:55 pm
I completely agree with K5m55c55! Great job! Please, read, rate, and comment on my poems! It would mean a lot.
K5m55c55 said...
Feb. 17, 2012 at 7:12 am
You are gifted at writing poetry! Continue to work on your placement of punctuation. Otherwise great job!!
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