I Wish

January 10, 2012
By RunosSister BRONZE, Luling, Louisiana
RunosSister BRONZE, Luling, Louisiana
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If the dark is where the evil lives, and white the good, what lives in the shade of grey?

I wish I could see
The look on your face
I wish I could hear
Your soothing voice
I wish I could smell
The sunlight and grass that clings to you
I wish I could touch
Your hand, and squeeze it through this never ending nightmare
I wish I could taste
The strong mint that you always chew when you're carefree
But I cannot see
The happiness on your face as we race down Saturn's Pasture
Nor can I hear
Your voice ask me to ride with you
Neither can I smell
The sunshine and grass from the picnic we took last June
Nor can I touch
Your hand with mine and be reassured
Neither can I taste
The sharp mint on your lips and breath
For these memories are long gone
Though I wish to relive them
Not in my mind
But reality
But I cannot
Not since the accident
The accident that has left me in this dark sleep
I can only wish.

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