It Was Already Too Late

January 6, 2012
By azhanay BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
azhanay BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
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Frigid chills greeted my dermis forcing me to
remember that cruel night. The night where time froze
and my heart would forever be unbalanced. I guess
that night I was the least complaisant, because Judy my
inveterate friend who I didn't know would ever appear again,
had a troubled and inquiring mind. Keeping herself in
unknowingly commotions and me in a tight bind. She didn't
care, determined to find gratification in all the wrong places
while her so-called "friends" welcomed her hiding their sneaky
embraces. To their fake smiles and plastic grins she couldn't
wait to be around but for me was a disease. I knew if something
happened to her they'd forget her with ease. The remorseful
side of her tried to make amends but she'd still make bad choices,
she never knew how to pick good friends. But I wasn't troublesome
knowing she'd be okay because on any other average day Judy managed
to maintain on her way. Nevertheless , one dreary night tide where
light was an unknown stranger and the clouds were dim and the streets
gorged with debris amidst memories of grim. I wandered down the
avenues , evading the forceful, numbing colds as my feet paved
the cobblestones down Rosebery road. Suddenly the sounds of the
wind howled gradually getting meaner and the beat of my heart joined
the racket when I heard the wretched scream. I scanned across the alleys
with nothing short of a blur , but by the pitch of her voice I knew it was
her. The soles of my brand new shoes was already damaged as I ran
towards her whimpering sound, stumbling upon a
rigged corner I saw her body on the ground.
Her face colored shades of tinted black and a washed-out
Royal blue gave me an overwhelming feeling that her life was
about to be threw. The bruises on her neck showed she'd
had been muffled as she was fighting in a nearby scuffle.
And somehow or someway it must have gotten out of control
Because the bullet from her chest leaked blood all over her
clothes. I cried and pleaded for someones help but just like Judy
no one could hear my measly yelp . Instead of aiding her that
night I just cradled her head because my best friend Judy was
already dead. Why didn't she listen to me? I told her not to
hang out with them but she'd just say" let me be". I'd wish
I came sooner before dawn could break but I couldn’t be
her hero this time, it was already too late.

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