Happy Times

January 7, 2012
By , Ocala, FL
Joyful mind, to bring plenty of good times.Always thinking Positive
Smiling always, to keep my peers happy all day. Making everybody around me as happy as can be
Intending to live life right. Never to let someone dim my light
Excepting the fact that if i keep on smiling it will be alright.
Demanding to bring peace around me
Enabling people to believe it's bound to be. Noticing people giving up. Inspiring them to keep up hope. Spirits lifted high is the key to open our eyes. Encouraging people is how i live my life. Mentoring people to head straight. Entering the golden gates. Reminiscing all the joy i have brought. Redirecting the minds that have went lost. If only the world could see, for all everybody needs, is hope and happiness and peace. Essential to life life right, let Happy times overcome your life. Drown you in happiness and delight.

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