What is Everywhere?

January 7, 2012
By HimeGyaruDoll BRONZE, Somewhere, Illinois
HimeGyaruDoll BRONZE, Somewhere, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
Man lives in the future, dwells in the past, and forgets the present. - Devyn W.

It is everywhere; shades on grass and tints on petals
Expressed with adept stains on canvas,
Words on paper,or contortions in metal
There exists a power to influence with creation
Molded by hands or written with fingers or sung by lips
How else will we express; the views on the world
It is called art dear reader- made with heart and grip
It exists in the genius of every man; seen through eyes
Then slowly brought to life with nimble fingers
For there is nothing else you can do with conscious comprehension.
Simply drinking in, then adding and twisting
Such a surreal talent, is it not?
Able to create something out of nothing, but drawn out originally
It changes our world, inch by inch
But eons will pass, till we change fully
I hope- hope that one day, earth will be filled with artists
And writers-and thinkers- and singers
Those who can appreciate every single detail.

Written by Devyn W.
All rights reserved.

The author's comments:
Inspired by my strong points :)

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