Making me stronger

December 21, 2011
Our father The Lord, above all he is grand

Without a doubt if only him.

He is to be feared.

He gives and he takes only to make us stronger

I feel in in my heart, This I believe its true.

His building me up,

His making me stronger.

I feel the I will rise differently than most.

Everything happens for a reason,

As harsh as it may be.

Sometimes we don’t understand

One day I feel that we will.

I think his wanting something big from me.

His making me stronger.

His building me up.

I give him my everything.

Forever I’m a child of God!

He has blessed with an upright mother,

Who makes me happier than I could ever be.

As blessed as His made me.

All the darkness doesn’t phase me.

With God by your side there ain’t much to fear.

Yet I just can’t understand why he has chosen me.

Everything happens for a reason I’m sure I’ll understand one day

His making me stronger, His building me up.

One day I’ll rise Higher than I’ve ever been

Imma do amazing things that noone has ever did

In the Lord I highly Believe….


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