A dAuGhtEr tO mOtHeR lOvE

December 21, 2011
I was once just a seed.

Now you’ve raised me into a beautiful Daisy

When you yell at me its like rain watering me.

When you look at me with that pretty smile It takes me to a place.

Where I see that He who matched the stars with the sky.

Has Blessed me with the greatest gift anyone could have.

He matched me with you.

Together we’re a shining pair of roses in a field of Daisies

I shield you with my strength that he has giving me.

I fill you with my wisdom.

As you fill me with your faith.

Your knowledge.

And your tender caring love.

He is our light against all darkness.

Together you an me Filled with Faith, love, peace ,hope & Happiness.

Graced with the His love.

We are each others other half.

Together we’re a whole.

I would be nothing without you…


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