Conscious Mind

December 21, 2011
By Anonymous

Dear, conscious mind

Times are getting harder for us. Things were bound to get harder; you know that better than any one. . We’re all grown up. While you are great and all I need to see things in a different school of thought. Conscious mind give superego a try, someone that is always kind and has a positive view on things. No one would suspect a thing if you were in charge. However being too nice has its disadvantages. We’ll get pushed around. I’ll be a human punching bag, for every one. So that won’t work superego. Think! THINK! Got it! Be mind-full superego for there is always the id. But what can id do? A hate filled impulse of a creature. People would avoid me for being horribly nasty. Look at the power we could have superego. We’ll be unstoppable! We could take what we want whenever we needed it. Stop. We’ll do what ever I say. Times indeed, are getting harder, and I am the one people see. I need to be in-charge for the important things of: maintaining good grades, having an active social life, and finding the right career. I am the ego. I am what you will see.

So conscious mind I’m glad we that situated, but it’s getting late. Your mirrored image is staying the night, and I have a lot of dreams to forget. So if you’ll be on your way. I’ll very must so appreciate it. Thank you.

Your only friend, me.

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