The Crows Caw

December 21, 2011
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The Crows caw. The Crows caw.
Is this the end of my life?
Is this the end of my strife?
The Crows caw. The Crows caw.
I run from terror fighting tears
As I remember all the years
The wasted years of my life
The wasted days. The foolish nights
The thoughts I'd do it tomorrow
But at this time there was no tomorrow
At this rate I'll die.
The Crows caw. The Crows caw.
The branches hang narrowly
Stretching out reaching towards me
I scream in fear and in pain
As my feet bleed from the terrain
The cold chills me to the bone
as I wish I was at home.
The Crows Caw. The Crows Caw.
The Rain begins suddenly
As it pours relentlessly
The dirt turns to mud.
As I hear a thud, a crash
a scream a gory yelp
As I yell and yell for help
The Crows SCREECH! The Crows SCREECH!
As lightning strikes a giant tree.
As I cry thinking why me?
How did this happen why was I here?
But my mind it too clouded, filled with fear
The Crows LAUGH! The Crows LAUGH!
They launch themselves into the sky.
As I soon remember why.
A man behind me scrapes a tree
As he chases after me
Blood on his face a murderous grin
A blade in his hand as he screams from within
A monstrous noise comes from his mouth
Of jagged teeth, black tongue
As blood drips from his gums
I yell and yell and yell and yell
As I pray this isn't hell.
The Crows FLY! The Crows FLY!
The trees SHAKE! The trees SHAKE!
The man LAUGHS! The man LAUGHS!
The wind BLOWS! The wind BLOWS!
The rain POURS! The rain POURS!
Then I trip
I fall against the cold hard earth.
I scream my final breath
As the man swings the blade swiftly at my neck.
The Crows caw. The Crows caw.

The author's comments:
We were doing fear poems in Class. So I wrote this.

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