A Poem about Showers

December 21, 2011
By theechocolatepecan BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
theechocolatepecan BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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At the end of the day
I become a clean slate
Because I shower, washing away the worries
For some, showering is boring
a hackneyed process
Just a ritual, time consuming
My twin brother is exactly this
Petulant about showering
Precipitates his pungent smell
And permeates his room with it
We are similar to ying and yang
I find showering a prerogative
And he is the epitome
Of unhygienic teenage boys
I drop him innuendos
"....Axe is not a shower replacement"
While my mother exhorts him
"Every other day wash yourself!"
And if necessary, we inveigh
Against his anti-shower lifestyle
For his terrible smell
Infringes on our human rights

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