We Who Wear The Mask

December 21, 2011
Written words behind the mask
In which you lived, unseen
Dying to break free

Thoughts that came to mind
A drop of water in a desert storm
Silence though, is all that followed
Words of you own were not welcomed there

Hiding from the world you wore the mask
And watched the lives
Of shame and regret
Death and pain
Silent tears and unheard cries
Broken promises
And those that were kept

You bore the mask
The weight of the world upon your shoulders
Like atlas and his curse
So is your curse our curse
To hold and wait and watch
Powerless to move
Powerless to move

They say a star
When the highest point is reached
Bursts from the pressure
Just as your soul has burst
And left us behind

It took with it the wonder of learning
The joy of sadness
A lesson it taught to us all
Sweet, sweet sadness,
Is all they left behind

We who wear the mask
Show not the pain at loss
But instead a face of sincerity
Calm and uninfected
The turmoil only within

We who wear the mask
Left behind as a soul is lost
A piece of us ripped from its bindings
Without consent

We who wear the mask are not
The ones with choices
To speak or not to speak
To live or not to live
To watch or not to watch
To help or not to help
To bear not to bear the burden

We who wear the mask
Live behind the mask
By the mask
Are powerless to the worlds whims

We must watch everything
And do nothing
No matter how much our hearts
Are set against

We are the lonely banished from the sun
To walk the wasteland of wrong decisions
Like Lucifer’s angels we wait
For a chance to see
From more than just the mask

We wear the mask
A task not chosen, but assigned
To those with a mind but not a voice
To those with eyes but not a will
To those with a thought
But not a friend

We wait and watch
As we always have
As we always will
Until one bursts from the pressure
But alas a stars reborn
As a souls to

We who wear the mask
We who are remember
We who are immortal
We who will always be
But never truly be

It is we who wear the mask

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GreenSerenity said...
Feb. 5, 2012 at 11:32 pm
Wow! This is powerful and inspiring. I especially liked the third stanza; its rhythm was wonderful and I liked your word choice.
ChristalFire replied...
May 15, 2012 at 8:53 pm
Thank you so much! The third stanza is  one of my favorites though stanza 9 is too, I thinks it's the most moving, but thats only my opinion.
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