Dead End

December 21, 2011
These tears I cry are for you.
Not every girl would say that, but I do.
I won’t lie, I miss you, who you were, not who you are now.
I miss when you weren’t afraid to be seen with me,
when you would hold my hand while we walk,
when you would hold me close because you didn’t want to lose me.
I miss our long talks,
our kisses,
and our hugs.
Those meant so much to me, but now they’re gone.
Each tear droplet is a memory,
there goes the day we kissed for the first time, it slides off my chin.
There falls the day we said “I love you”.
Oh no, there goes prom and homecoming and Christmas.
I watch the memories slide off my face and land on the ground.
I miss you, come back.
Don’t leave me stranded, I’m lost without you.
I don’t remember who I was before I met you...
I’m still holding on to the past as I watch you move forward.
Secretly, I wish upon the stars that you will apologize and ask me to take you back.
But I know deep down in the bottom of my heart that this is the end.
A dead end, I can’t turn around, I can’t back up.
I’m stuck here, at the end of the road.
Waiting for you to come get me.

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