Inhibitions of a Princess

December 21, 2011
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Honest is what you call yourself

But, the silence of your lies?

It has cost me everything

Painful, full of power,

Your love was meant to heal,

Not break it was for good,

For better or worse,

Forever and always.

The wall I had built,

Now crumbled and cracked

The chances, they're gone

The hope? Lost

I never knew

The extent to which trusting could hurt

I feel clueless

My inhibitions have left

At the beginning

I felt like a princess

My friends saw, to me

Those three words,

They weren't just noise

Now though,

I'm confused

Who do I have to blame?

I feel like the Lincoln memorial

Built strong, but older than time

All the loving we'd accomplished

I'm losing it

The back stabbing,

Its done.

Who knew how much you'd lie?

All the hurtful things you'd say?

Honest, you call yourself.

Gone is what I am.

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