The Fame

December 27, 2011
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Cheap red lipstick on the tip of a martini glass
Shiny black stilettos
And torn dresses
Too much hairspray
And not enough money in your wallet
Yeah this is the fast life
Oh you’re loving it
Shot glasses scattered around the bar
And all you can see is the blurry reflection starring back at you
Knees bent in, barely standing on your own two feet
Dresses all too short and hair too long to deal with
In this summer heat
In this cold indoor chill.
People sprawled out on couches and the dance floor
Hangovers worse than in college;
But you’re not even past high school,
Oh this fame is killing you
Why can’t you see?
Your own worst enemy
It’s what you’ve wanted all along, isn’t it?
Darling this life comes in threes
But you’ve done this two times too fast,
Too times too irrationally,
Too times too much;
You pick up your stuff and try to leave,
But the guards have you
There is no escape now
Another shot
Another needle
Get high
Get drunk
You’re down for the ride
You’re screwed now
You’re everybody’s fool
Telling yourself you love the hype
But you’re crying now
You’re just a child
Oh how badly you wanted to be seen as an adult
As ‘one of them’
Oh darling can’t you see you’re dead to them now
You’re just a worn out toy
You’ve lost your shine
Go home baby,
Go home.

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