Back in those days

December 27, 2011
I still remember when things were less confusing,
our worries limited,
but still "complicated".
Some of us were exposed to new things
like makeup and a new fashion sense.
We were starting to care how we looked,
but had days where we could care less.
We began to like the opposite sex,
and wondered what it was like to kiss one.
For some, it was our first boy/girl party,
we didn't know what to do with that boy who said we were pretty.
We wanted to stay little and have fun half the time,
but other times we wanted to grow up and live on our own.
Things weren't as complicated
back in those days.

Things got a little more complicated next.
We were the babies of the school,
and we looked up to the big, bad 8th graders.
New friends swarmed in,
old ones pushed out,
We began sleeping over with the people we thought didn't like us.
We were chicken to skip class,
and smoking a cigarette wasn't appealing.
Things were still under control
back in those days.

Next came the awkward stage.
Stuck in the middle and not sure who we should be.
For some
we stuck with academics,
some with sports,
and some with dangerous behavior.
Skipping class was the new fad
and others got involved with the wrong crowd.
We lived and thrived for good, juicy gossip
and all we honestly wanted was a good time.
Things got a little crazy back in those days.

Now we're big and bad.
Top notch rulers of the school
and we do what we want.
This is our year.
We have all made bad decisions.
From walking out of a classroom
to bringing vodka to school.
Some of us are hooked on the way a person can make you feel,
while others are hooked on the way drugs can alter your thinking.
Some of us have gone too far with the opposite sex
or with back-talking to an adult.
In the end
friends are what we depend on.
They are the reason we drag ourselves into this forsaken building.
We go through a lot of s***,
but we are stuck together.
This is our year no matter what they say.
Has it been worth all the trouble?
Things are confusing as hell
in the days we are living now.

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