Double Sided Love

January 12, 2012
By ChrisA BRONZE, Vesper, Wisconsin
ChrisA BRONZE, Vesper, Wisconsin
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To some it may seem so easy to wake up every morning and instantly smile… But not for me, it seems to be just the exact opposite day after day. Waking up with the dried and discolored areas on my cheeks where the tears had fallen endlessly the night before, waking to feel that the open lacerations upon my wrists hadn’t disappeared like I would have hoped they would have… Is it simply too much to ask for? Just to find the happiness that I feel that I truly deserve to feel just once in this life, so many times have I been used and destroyed by the one and only love itself… That word leaves a bittersweet taste on my tongue, why you may ask? Well it’s all to simple, every time that love presented its ugly two faced being to me I fell every single time… Who am I to be that stupid??

Well I guess honestly its not that easy to object to the one feeling every human being born to this world thrives and searches for until they die in agonizing recognition that what they have been desperately searching for has eluded them one last time. The ugly beast stands upon the pile of broken hearts that it has reaped out of the innocent bodies of the once living and breathing people of this dark society, it laughs in its personal pleasure of destroying what we all thrive to discover in this desolate life. In all honesty it seems so easy to say I am going to fall in love with the person of my dreams. Yet in all reality when you have it in your hand it is a pristine white dove, but then at the split second it changes to sand and falls through your fingers without you having the time to react or compensate what just happened. It happens all so fast, one day you’re holding and caressing the one you love and then out of the blue they walk out of the door without warning of their departure.

Is love true? Does it really exist? Or is it just simply a fairytale made up by the imagination of the human mind to have something to look forward to in this journey that we call life? No one may answer that except yourself when the double-sided blade of love has severed your emotions you shall be able to make your own judgments if it truly exists in this desolate place that lies in the furthest depths of this world. To some it seems so easy to love but when the commitment issue comes up, well lets just say they turn high tailed and run in utter terror of what they are getting into. So all in all… My entire question to you is… Does love truly exist, or is it a double sided fantasy that the mind has created?

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on Jan. 16 2012 at 4:45 pm
Jessica. SILVER, Lynwood, California
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