A True Hero

January 10, 2012
By Anonymous

When all has gone wrong,
Then what can you do?
Nothing, it seems, can take away the pain,
Instead, it takes everything it can from you.

All who notice try their best to help,
They understand you need out.
This deep, dark depression doesn't let go easily,
No, it holds it's tight grasp for a long, long time.

People who care are always by your side,
They fight all they can, battling the hungry fingers.
How frustrating it must be for them,
To watch you suffer in the hands of depression.

Seeing all the lengths people go to help,
You pry open the fingers of the hungry beast inside.
Letting loose everything that's fed the pain in your heart,
You defeat this darkness, it has no control over you now.

Your happiness glows around other suffering people,
Giving them hope, and light in their darkness.
Not only have you escaped from it yourself,
You helped so many others escape as well.

You are truly a hero.

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