A World Out There to Defend

January 13, 2012
I feel a pain I've never felt,
I feel a rush that's new,
a desire to get away from this,
and get closer to what is true,
I feel a need to run away,
an urge to end my fears,
because I have spent too much time,
drowning within my tears,
my soul is lost in nothingness,
with no hope of escaping,
the world within my own little head,
seems to never stop changing,
always for the bad,
the good side never comes along,
my heart is tearing in two each day,
and everything feels so wrong,
it's hard to believe how far I have come,
in this life that I live today,
it's hard to show any affection at all,
when I barely know what there is to say,
so I will keep on searching,
and hoping for an end,
I know that there is so much more,
there is a world out there to defend...

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