H- e- l- p

January 13, 2012
You will not break. I can see you, I can hear you cry softly into your arms and I wont care why. But I'm lifting you off the cement. I'll be gentle and I'll be kind, and I'll persist through the crying. Tears don't bother me. It's the pain streaked across your face that says, “ I'm bearing something unbearable. The pain I hold inside me slays mortals and is slowly eating me alive. I'm its plaything.” I can not allow this, whatever you are suffering with I will not allow it to be your downfall, you are stronger than who you feel you are now, I'll be damned If I let you stay down. You do not belong on the ground. You are more than just a victim, your royalty. Just because your crown is broken doesn't mean your not. And I want to help. I want to keep you intact. I'm not trying to be your hero, I'm not the hero. I'm not suffering. I'm fine. And I will not save you. But I will damn sure help you save yourself. I will not sit here and watch a hero, a sufferer who can do such good die. That is unacceptable, take my hand because this trip will be painful and you will need a shoulder. You will need more than my shoulder. You will need more Help. So this is my challenge. To the bystanders, become the Help. Move from your spots where you watch. Move from the spots where you are not affected, become more than that. Please, the Victims you see may one day be your help.

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