Mind. Heart. and Soul.

January 13, 2012
By kristine schranz BRONZE, Arlington Heights, Illinois
kristine schranz BRONZE, Arlington Heights, Illinois
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Blue brings bliss to my mind.
It blends my sadness with serenity
as a stare at the sparkling lake where we met.
Blue am I when you are away.
But then, blue breathes slowly within me,
and breaks down my negativity and worry
to bring me back to a balance.
Blue is basic to my mind.

Red rages within my heart.
It represents the passion within me-
for college and drew and the future ahead of me.
Red returns me to childhood-
St. Peter, cherry push-pops, raspberry picking.
Red reveals the love I have for him
as he hands me a rose.
Red is rooted with my anger
for the hurt in my past.
Red revels in my heart.

Purple pleases and easies my soul.
It produces a playful side of me
while I pick the purple lilacs off my backyard bushes.
Purple plays memories of my mother
with her profound love of the Northwestern Wildcats.
Purple brings me pride as I look at a purple cancer ribbon
And remember my grandfather’s fight.
Purple is plentiful in my soul.

The colors of my life flow through me…
running together like water colors on a blank page.
The blissful blues
and royal reds
blend to create pleasant purples.
My mind balances my heart
and my heart motivates my mind
to form the depth of my soul.

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