Forbidden Love

January 13, 2012
By BriLOVESYou BRONZE, New London, Connecticut
BriLOVESYou BRONZE, New London, Connecticut
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It's just another day
A regular day
Just like any other day
Every thing's the same
Nothing has changed
As much as I wish
For us to finally be
Together I go back to
Reality and realize it will
Never happen. Not because
We don't love each other but
Because society doesn't accept it. We are forbidden, forbidden to love
Ourselves. Everyday and night I think of me in your arms feeling safe digressing myself from everything..being with just you and only thinking about us and what we could be. If only we both teared the chains that keep holding us back and just be able to be together...Just us
Forgetting the world
No worries, just love.

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