the polar bear

January 12, 2012
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I got you when I was born
It was love at first sight
You’re always there in pictures and on my baby tapes
We were each other’s Number One,

But play dates were great with our Number Two.

When Moira came over you used to play with her bear Teddy.
Her bear is older than you but now you look just as old as him.
He has lost a good amount of fur
And you have changed your color
White to gray.

When we were two,

I got a buggy.
I chose you to get a ride,

The first and the last.
When I played with my other toys,

I didn’t want you out of my sight.

Later as years passed, you were always there.
In second grade, you were there for my ear infection.

Mommy made me take the awful medicine

But you gave me a hug when it was all over.

We had our good times and our bad.
My sisters would torture me by taking you.
I always got you back a week to a month later.
Sometimes you were under the Christmas tree as a present
Or in the bushes after a wet summer.
You usually needed a bath after I found you.

In the summertime when there were storms

I always got scared at night with the thunder

And you were always there to help me through the storm.
When the backyard became my make-believe kingdom

You were my princess when I was the queen.

When Autumn came around and the leaves would start to fall

We would play together in the leaves.
By the end of Autumn you were always looking forward to the snow and Winter.

When Winter came with the first snowfall, we got into our snowsuits right away.

You in your bag and me in my snow pants and jacket.
If winter came with no snow, you would watch the news with my mom,

Always looking for snow to come.
When it snowed you didn’t like being inside with me when I was working on homework.

You sat on the back of the couch looking out the window

Watching the snowfall, dreaming about playing in it.

You liked sitting on the back of the couch or in the upstairs window staring outside.

You always waited for me to come home.

You watched the neighborhood during the day.
You didn’t always just wait for me; you waited for anyone coming home,

Shouting out when they came home early, late, or just on time.

Some people would think that you ran the house.

You just ran your own life and made mine better.
I will always love you no matter what.

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