January 12, 2012
By hhbunny13 GOLD, Linn Creek, Missouri
hhbunny13 GOLD, Linn Creek, Missouri
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I made mistakes that cost me my friendship
Yesterday I took stupid risks, even though I was telling myself they would cost me

And it was stupid

Even though I act tough
Around the guys, when Kalin said
He was gone and tired of trying
I almost had a break down, and Cried all night
I kept telling myself that we were like brothers
And we could never be torn apart.
But had I ruined ever thing?

Now I sit alone
Everybody keeping their dissents
Only to be surround by all of my mistakes
And the people that helped me make them
I can hear Kalin’s voice tell me
How stupid I was for making those mistakes and taking those risks
By the time I’m done thinking
Warm salty tears run down my face
Then I hear some one speaking
“Leon, what’s wrong with you” Kalin,
Kalin that’s who’s speaking. Then I explain that I’ll never make a stupid mistake
Or take risks like that again
But All Kalin dose is give me a hug
And whispers
“I forgave you along time ago”
Then I think to myself
He’s the big brother I’ll never have
Everything is forgotten from yesterday
And all is forgiven

But then again
Tomorrow is a new day
And mistakes wait around the corner to capture a new prisoner
And make them suffer
And being young like me
They have space to make mistakes
But you have to be carful
Because there are mistakes that can cost you your life, your dreams and your future
Like Kalin always says
“Everyday is a new day and Yesterday’s mistakes fall away

The author's comments:
This is a teenager that made a mistake and thought he had lost everything but comes to find out that Kalin has not forgotten him but already forgave him.

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