Worm eater

January 12, 2012
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As Kat slides the slimy, alive worm in her mouth
People wrinkle their face in disgust
Like they smelled Limburger cheese
She picks up a worm
And she slurps it
And she bites it
And she swallows it
As the interview asked her why?
Kat begins to cry

As Kat remembers the first time she ate worms
She was a little girl
Her parents told her
She was fat
She was worth nothing

She would never fine love
Kat got tired of everyone saying that to her
So she wanted an easy way to loss weight
She looked on the web and in books
But found

Kat’s day was so bad
She cried and cried and cried
She was walking home when she ran into an old lady
The lady had worms curling all over her
They were in her grey dry hair
She asked her why she was crying
Kat told her and the lady smiled
She said that she could help her
But she may not like what she has to do
The old lady told Kat that when she eats worms there eat the
Food in side you
A fast way to lose weight is to
Eat 10 worms for every meal
Kat’s face looked like her lunch was going to come back up

Kat said I have been-eating worm ever since then
After I lost all the weight no one made fun of me
Kat was not so confident when she was talking

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