January 12, 2012
Happy and free,
a girl lives her life.
Unafraid and unashamed.

Insecure and lost,
the clone stumbles around.
Unaware and unoriginal.

Unique is a girl
who listens to her voice,
who knows herself.

Insecure is the clone,
who silences her voice,
who only knows another.

A girl can succeed,
with her special self.
Because no one is like her.

The clone will fail,
with an invisible self.
Because no one knows who she is.

CRASH! Girl and clone meet.
A girl, furious at the robbery of self.
The clone, oblivious to the situation.

And so it goes, the clone is alone
for she has destroyed herself, in hopes of being another.

The girl breaks free, true to herself
for she has found the strength within, to be no other.


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