A Foot

January 12, 2012
By Anonymous

A girl sits amongst the crowds of an eastbound train
Her feet hang perfectly
One leg is half crossed over the other allowing a lightly callused foot to dangle freely
It is the color of coffee with too much cream
Conversations do acrobatics in the musty air of overly winded riders
Shakes of the train reverberate through the bodies swaying as if to synthetic urban music
The lonely airborne foot dances to the rhythm
It has carried sturdy legs through front yard sprinklers in the radiation of summer sun
Flecks of alley dirt have come and gone in the finely painted creases
They have been touched by the sacrifice of carefully executed love
They have felt the land of foreign nations
And walked across stages in graduations
They have brought her places
And they have carried her away
They will take her to her future
After trudging through her past
They have been lost on the beaches of Normandy
By men who cannot stand on their own
But lead in the search for their own new deal
The other is firmly planted on the dull brown furrowed floor
A contrast escaping the grasp of racing minds
Except for one
But maybe we all live in dreams.

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