My Question

January 11, 2012
Smooth skin, pretty teeth, pretty eyes,
pretty smile. I love this boy. He’s a temptation,
a distraction. I know boys’ are a waste of
my time so


do I want him so badly? This boy, oh my,
causes me to lose so much; too much. My
mind, sleep, my self control. I want to
ask him why


you trying to torture me? With that stupid
handsome smile; so friendly; too friendly. Owning
that ridiculously bright charismatic glow. He
knows and I know. Do


see the chaos he’s put me through? Boys
are trouble. I hate the way he makes me feel. Like
I could explode. His charming laugh and smooth
swagger makes me shaky. I need to do something
quick! Like now!


what you ask, will I do to solve my problem;
to fix my fixation? I’ll flirt back. Give him that giggle
he so desires, whether what he says is funny or not. I’ll
chat with him, swoon over him, bat my lashes at him, and
continue to be willingly trapped under his spell. This I am
okay with because Good Lord, that boy is


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