sad with out music and love

January 11, 2012
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sad every day of her life with out love or music
the color blue make her sad and red make her happy
music is her life with her boy friend and love
writing help her when she sad or not happy
boy friend make her happy with the love and kiss of him
watching TV or sleeping make her think of life and love
shopping with her friends or talking to her boy friend is fun
make you happy when you sad or just have a
bad day and need to be happy and have some fun
with friend or family or just want to be with your boy friend
eating food when sad or need food to make you happy
or just when you hate getting yell at by people
or family or friends or when you need love or when you are
sad or not happy and having a bad day you just need love
or boy friend when you are sad you want to be love ever
or kiss and hug by the best boy friend ever in your life and
just be happy not sad with your self because you want to
be love and not sad when you are listing to music or talking to
your boyfriend that you love Evey day of your life
her boyfriend is the best boyfriend that she can ever have in her life.

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