The Fake World

January 11, 2012
We live in a fake world.
Moldable-like clay.
Disposable-like plastic.
Flimsy-like paper.

We live in a fake world.
Windows and mirrors,
That, with enough money,
Can reflect whatever we want
Them to.

We live in a fake world.
All our lives
We live a lie.
On the surface, no one reflects
Who they are.
Our thoughts,
Buried behind the fading masks,
Each of us waiting for that last
To snap.

There are moments,
In this fake world,
When we see through to the truth.
Few and far between,
But there are moments-
Seconds, instances-
When we see
The light through the cracks.

And then everything is gone again,
And we are
Forever living a lie.

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