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When I hear your name
I think of us lying in the sand,
Holding hands.

Bathing in the sun
We thought summer would last forever.
Just you and I, us together.

When cold nights came
A sanctuary was found in our embrace,
Our safe place.

In you I knew only the best of times.
You stayed strong when I could barely stand,
Pulled me from the water on to dry land.

Those moments defined for me love.
But no one told us they wouldn't last,
That we'd have to say goodby so fast.

It seems life is so unfair,
Cruel even.
For why else would I be snatched from Eden?

Worlds lay between us
And the water was wide.
But no matter how hard I wished or cried,

I could not fly over.
And on an island far away
I wept when I forgot your face.

But one day I promise
I'll find a way, whether short or long,
Back to the place where I belong.

You'll dry my cheeks and I'll dry yours.
We'll hold hands and stand proud in front of God.
I won't let them take me away, no matter the odds.

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chrissie_star said...
Jun. 7, 2012 at 2:22 pm

WOOOOWWWW!!!! i love it!! keep writing.!!


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