Going Too Fast & Crashing Down

January 12, 2012
By orchechick BRONZE, Arlington Heights, Illinois
orchechick BRONZE, Arlington Heights, Illinois
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I have this problem
& I can’t find a solution.
I get tangled in messy situations
& can’t get out;
I date all the wrong boys
& get my heart broken;
I take on too much
& have no time.

I can’t just walk on the sidewalk,
I have to slalom around
& see if I can find adventure elsewhere.
I can never stay out of people’s troubles,
I have to butt in
& try to help, even if it’s beyond me.

I find it physically impossible to give up
& end up kicking and screaming in frustration.
I hear “let it go” & “chill out,”
& pretend I’m deaf.
I won’t just settle for average,
I have to go above & beyond.

& the result of it all
is that
I cry
& I swear
& I scream
& I’m overwhelmed
& I’m done with everything
& I want to give up,
but I still keep going,
& end up crashing down.

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