Ode to School Lunches

January 5, 2012
By LockLemon BRONZE, Saratoga Springs, Utah
LockLemon BRONZE, Saratoga Springs, Utah
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Ah, the dark green substance clings to my fork

Slowly dripping down, a gentle rainfall of blissful mush

I’m not quite sure what this is

I think it’s broccoli

But whatever it is, I believe it’s wonderful

My mouth waters in anticipation

I can’t wait to taste the moldy flavor that will cling to my tongue like moss to a rock

Oh, my heart sings! Look, these yellow chunks

Slightly wrinkled and dry

But yet wet and soggy at the same time

Like a stale sandwich

Left out in the rain

As soon as it proves substantial enough to stay on my fork

I will eat it with utter delight

And this, the long, cooked intestines

Their skin tough and substantial

Streaked pink with uncooked meat

Like lines on a sunset

Singing joy in undeveloped meals

That supposedly strengthen the body and soul

Building up my bones and raising my intellect to it’s full potential.

The author's comments:
I wrote this for a Creative writing assignment. I think it did something, because we don't have broccoli in our lunches anymore.

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