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Always, Always a Failure to you

Always, Always a failure to you

I try so hard to be able to please you,
And to increase the faith you have in me.
But it just so happens that I always fail, to convince you to trust in me.
I have tried to do the best I could,
To make the right choices so that you could see, that there is much more than a good for nothing teenager inside of me.
All those fights, all the arguments, all the misunderstandings, all the wrong judgments, have made it so much harder for me
To think straight and to keep my hopes held up high,
That one day you will understand what I’m going through.
Do you realize how hard it is for meto show the world something I’m not and will never be able to be,
A girl with no problems and a happy ending,
Just so that I don’t have to face their pity at someone who is just dying inside and is trying so hard not to hurt the ones she cares for the most.
Well I’ve tried and tried and have always failed, in getting you to see the world from my eyes for just one second.
But I can not hold on to this rope of hope I’ve been building up for any longer,
Hope that you will one day accept me for who I am.
I’m letting go now, I can’t live any longer
in a place where you will always see me as a failure.

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