Freak Show

December 27, 2011
By Cuckoo4Christ BRONZE, Lincoln, California
Cuckoo4Christ BRONZE, Lincoln, California
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Dragged into the spotlight by peer pressure,
A boy sits in a cage examined by plastic faces
The main attraction in the freak show of life

He hides behind a mask of lies and illusions
For his face is missing!
His identity lost to the hands of cruel humans
And then torn to shreds like a pack of hyenas upon their prey

Spat on with insults from the crowd, he cowers in fear,
Allowing the world to be his ringleader
Their insults and opinions like a whip against his boneless back

The pressure to be perfect overwhelms him,
And the desire to be accepted corrupts his judgment
He contorts his body into any shape the ringleader commands
Until his muscles ache with regret

But when the show is over and the lights have dimmed,
No one really cares about the sad little freak
Whose differences separated him from the world
Putting him on display as an embarrassment to society

Tears of loneliness fall down his face,
Burning his skin with self-hatred
Surrounded by darkness, his lament echoes throughout the empty stage
Or what he thought was an empty stage
Soon he began to hear the cries of other acts
And he realizes that he is not alone

He busts out of the cage and removes his mask,
Then burns it along with all of his fears
He looks into the mirror backstage and watches his face form in front of him
Although deformed and disheveled, he saw himself as beautiful
A creation God deemed worthy to live

After freeing all of the others, they banned together and created their own show
A production of the unaccepted and misunderstood
A show where all the real freaks were outside and they locked the doors
And then... the real show began...

So ladies and gentlemen... WELCOME TO THE FREAK SHOW!!!

The author's comments:
I was inspired a seen in one of my favorite movies "Phantom of the Opera". it is when they show him in the cage with his mask on in the freak show. It inspired the freak show aspect of the piece. But the emotional content was taken from a place deep inside of me that feels insecure and feels like a freak. this piece is dedicated to all of those who feel like a freak.

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